Latest Games

Just how many kasino games are out there? 100,000? 1,000,000? We couldn’t even begin to hazard a guess to be honest with you – and we work in the industry!

Why are the kasino developers still making them, then? There are literally hundreds set for release each and every month. The reason for this is obvious; as kasino players, both casual and regular, we are fickle. We are always looking around the corner for the next big thing, slowly getting bored of the same old games with the same old style.

So, we know we want to play new kasino games as much as possible. But, how do we know which ones to play? If we’re playing with our actual bankroll rather than in demo mode don’t we want to know we’re going to be entertained before pressing “Spin”?

Well, with our review we hope we’ll give you an insight into that. This page will constantly be updated with the latest kasino games to be reviewed by our experts. Whether that’s videoslots, live dealer or anything else – bookmark this spot for your up-to-date insight into the latest kasino games.