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When it comes to providing some of the biggest and best online games around, Microgaming is likely at the front of the pack. The studio has produced a variety of different table games over the years, blackjack included, and its Classic Blackjack MH (Multi Hand) game has proven to be a firm favorite with many gamers. In this Classic Blackjack MH review, we will consider why this particular twist on the title is worth your time and money.

Classic Blackjack MH has been a part of the online casino catalog for some time now, having launched in the summer of 2016. It is therefore one of the ‘old guard’ as far as modern mobile casino games are concerned. However, there is no need for you to worry, as the game is just as sharp and as enjoyable as it ever was.

Blackjack with no frills – and who said there’s anything wrong with that?

First impressions

Our first impressions of this game are, of course, that it is a little less polished than some of the newer variations on blackjack available. However, that is not to say the game does not try its hardest to replicate the authentic 21 experience. You have access to a nice, wide field, as well as basic rules that you can toggle on and off.

As the title suggests, this is a multi-hand game, which means you can actually place bets on several blackjack hands at once. This is likely to be appealing to those players who have plenty of experience in the game already. However, if you are relatively new to the game, you do not have to bet on every slot that is available. If you prefer, you can work your way up from one or two hands and take your game from there.

The game has a polished look which, while a little dated now, is at least still very easy to use. It has borders and help bars to ensure you know what you are getting into. The repeat and undo buttons on the bottom bar of the screen, for example, are great for taking more control over your game.

Sadly, this game has been overlooked a little more in recent years thanks to the evolution of casino gaming on the go. It is not past its prime yet, but you are more likely to find newer takes on 21 in modern casino catalogs. Microgaming has even updated its table range multiple times too.

If you’re looking for a super-polished kasino game with all the features, keep looking

Interesting touches

The big appeal of Classic Blackjack MH is, of course, the multiple hands of play. This is more than your standard, straightforward game of blackjack in that you can play several hands at one time if you want to. This is only ever recommended if you really know what you are doing, and if you have the bankroll to match. Despite the RTP for this game being fantastic, games such as blackjack are still completely random — so do gamble responsibly, and make sure to set healthy limits with your chosen online casino.

We like the various buttons and control options available for this game. The current trend for online blackjack seems to be to take the game right back to its basics, which in some cases means that you lose a lot of the fun tweaks and perks from years gone by. Classic Blackjack MH provides you with an ‘undo’ feature if you change your mind before betting, a ‘repeat’ function if you are following a specific style of play, and there is a handy ‘help’ section if you need a little guidance while you play.

If you are looking for Classic Blackjack MH tips, there are no clear ways for you to guarantee a win, but the RTP is high enough to appeal to high-rolling gamers and newbies alike. As always, check your bankroll.

We also love the fact that this game still works brilliantly in mobile mode, meaning that even while this title is a few years old now, you can still dive straight into the Vegas fun with a modern Android or iOS device.

How to play Classic Blackjack MH

If you have played blackjack through a single hand or deck before, then you should still know what to expect when it comes to how to play Classic Blackjack MH. The big change here, of course, is that you are effectively playing multiple games at once.

As you may expect, there are different chips in varying values that you can place onto your chosen sections of the board at the start of each round. You can bet a maximum of $200 here, meaning if you prefer to bet higher than the average, you have plenty of support.

As with any blackjack game, your aim is to get as close to 21 in total across a single hand as possible. Go above 21, and you will go bust. You can ‘hit’ and add cards to get closer, or you can ‘stand’ when you are close enough. If the dealer’s hand is closer to the total than yours, you lose. The same applies, of course, if you go bust.

With this variation on the game, you are playing multiple chances simultaneously. That can feel a little bit like spinning plates at first, so take your time.

But Classic Blackjack MH delivers a reliable blackjack experience


Classic Blackjack MH is a solid Microgaming casino staple, which, while showing its age now, is still entirely playable. The control bar and help modes are great for navigating the multi-play aspect, and the RTP should keep most players interested. There may be newer games out there that are speedier, but there is a lot of charm left in this game.



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