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Baccarat is one of those games that gets a lot of player interest online but may not always receive that many twists or variations. Big Win Baccarat is iSoftBet’s landmark version of the classic table game, but with a simple twist – you are not actually the player! In this Big Win Baccarat review, we will take you through everything you need to know about this title and why iSoftBet might be your best guide to top baccarat online.

There is no RTP information available for this game due to the nature of its setup. However, it remains a popular choice for casino fans who already have plenty of experience in the game in the ‘real world’. Here are some more details.

This has to be one of the most informative play screens we’ve seen in any kasino

Baccarat – not just for James Bond?

The most interesting twist to this particular baccarat game is that you are not actually taking part as the ‘player’. You are spectating. Therefore, while there is certainly the look and setup of a traditional baccarat game taking place, you are actually placing bets on how everything will turn out.

The banker deals to the right, and the player deals to the left. As such, you will see their betting and odds zones arranged in this setup, too.

We really like the statistic available in the bottom panel, referred to as the big road. Those players who want to focus on form and crunch the numbers can see when either player or banker have won hands. It is also easy to see when pairs have been drawn and when ties have taken place.

Of course, if you are looking for Big Win Baccarat tips, remember this – statistics and form do not always indicate which way a game is going to turn out. Precedent is great – but for a game that is completely random, you absolutely need to go with your gut and keep an eye on your bankroll. For those players who do rely on statistical strategy, however, it is nice to have this touch on side.

Even for complete baccarat beginners, this is an intuitive game

How to play Big Win Baccarat

 Even if you have already played your fair share of baccarat over the years, the rules for this particular title might surprise you. As mentioned, you are betting as a spectator or observer, which means you don’t actually draw your own hand at any time. That, for complete novices at the game, might make things a little more appealing.

Essentially, you play Big Win Baccarat by deciding which hand, between the player and the banker, is likely to hold cards closest to the value of nine. You can also bet on whether or not the player or banker will draw pairs in their hands and whether or not you think the deal will result in a tie. It really is as straightforward as that.

Baccarat can be confusing in some ways, so watering down the experience in this way may actually be welcome to many players. It is especially useful that all the odds and markets you need to know about are plainly open to see.

You can bet from as little as €0.50 per chip or as much as $15 per chip.

It might be lacking the Bond-style glamour, but it’s still a great game


If you have always wanted to give baccarat a try but are unsure where to get started, Big Win Baccarat actually offers an interesting in-road. Great for newbie players, you simply play the game as a spectator and decide which hands are likely to be closer to the total of nine.

If you really love statistics when playing table games, this is also a fantastic number-cruncher!



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