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Backgammon has an RTP of 75%

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Backgammon is a board game that has delighted and confused for centuries, and now it has been brought into the online casino environment courtesy of Spigo.

The same basic rules are the same – you’re looking to get to your opponent’s side of the board before they remove all of their checkers, but the difference here is that you are playing in a huge global network against players from all over the world.

With a stated RTP of 75%, which is variable based on how you approach the game, Spigo’s take on Backgammon is an exciting addition to the online casino library.

But is it the perfect game for you? Let’s take a look in our Backgammon review.

There’s only so much you can with the presentation of backgammon, but Spigo have done well

Backgammon Review

Released in May 2013, Spigo’s Backgammon was one of the first times that this popular game was brought into the online gaming environment. The addition of the Jackpot Spin feature (more on that later) makes this far more than just a faithful reproduction.

As far as playing online is concerned, you have a couple of different options. This Backgammon variant is connected to a global network of players, and you can choose to be added to that pool or instead take on a ‘local’ opponent linked to the host site.

Considered a low/medium variance game, Backgammon is beloved by many because it combines elements of both skill and luck. There’s no rulebook of how to play Backgammon, and that’s why players come back to it time after time.

Should you require any further persuasion, Spigo has introduced a Jackpot Spin feature that adds a whole new dimension of excitement to the proceedings. Every time a player rolls an 8, they take a step up the Jackpot ladder, which you can see displayed on the screen. Once you have completed the ladder, you will activate either the local or global progressive jackpot – that’s a handy bonus indeed!

There are added features, like the Jackpot Spins, to add excitement to the backgammon foundations

Backgammon Rules

Backgammon has a reputation for being a challenging game to learn, but once you have the basic principles in place, you can start to grow as a player.

You’ll see the 24 triangles on the board, which are known as points, and the object is to move your 15 colored checkers along with these triangles to your home board and then ‘bear’ them off once there. The first player to achieve this wins.

The movement of your checkers – determined by a roll of the dice – is up to you, though there are certain rules on moving to open points rather than those that are stacked. For advice on that, we advise you to reach for the many Backgammon strategy guides that are available online.

Backgammon Tips

For a game of fairly basic principles, Backgammon does require some strategy and cunning – that’s why so many players love the thrill of the battle.

As far as our Backgammon tips are concerned, we recommend that you consider the smartest route to getting your checkers around the board. Some go for the straightforward ‘running game’, which revolves around moving them as swiftly as possible to the home board.

However, other strategies are used, including Blitz, Holding and Priming, and your best bet is to consult the online guides for more information.

Backgammon only takes a few moments to learn, but it takes a lifetime to master!

It might be hidden in the backrooms of most kasinos, but we think Backgammon by Spigo is worth searching for

Spigo have done a great job of bringing Backgammon online. It’s never likely to compete with the bells and whistles of a new-fangled videoslots game, but if you’re looking for an authentic backgammon experience, this is the game far you.



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